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  • BitTorrent -- distribute files cheaply by offloading upload burden from the origin to downloaders
  • CurrencyWatermarks -- reverse engineer the algorithm used to detect the latest watermarks in currencies.
  • Dunc-Tank-etch-rm -- fund debian release managers to work full time on releasing etch
  • Encline -- create a Common Lisp software engine for enterprise-class software development.
  • FreeSWAN-OEcoterminal -- extend FS to handle stacked tunnels.
  • FreeSWAN-OEirc -- establish production operation experience with OE enabled servers.
  • FreeSWAN-maintenance-2003-07 -- provide for basic user-support and maintenance for 3 months.
  • FreeSWAN-maintenance-2003-11 -- provide for basic user-support and maintenance for 3 months.
  • FreeSWAN-maintenance-2004-03 -- provide for basic user-support and maintenance for 3 months.
  • FreeSWAN-notebook -- make it more convenient to automatically run FreeS/WAN Opportunistic Encryption on notebook systems
  • FreenetProject -- let you publish and obtain information on the Internet without fear of censorship
  • GNUSTEP -- Spreadsheet, Graphics/DTP and Word Processing Software based on the OPENSTEP Standard
  • -- Project for free radio/tv stations needs now to support streaming in webm format and applications for android :8.000 $
  • Gnash -- Convert the Gameswf flash player into a Firefox plugin.
  • Gnash-Noise-Integration -- improve gnash to play well with the Noise software
  • GnashGnomeThumbnailer -- Integrate Gnash with the GNOME desktop by providing a thumbnailer so you can preview SWF file contents
  • GnashWindowlessPlugin -- implement a windowless mode plugin for Gnash, fixing a set of websites relying on flash for navigation.
  • GnuRadio -- build free software radio toolkit
  • GnuRadio-2004-04 -- Free software radio toolkit development for 5 months.
  • GnuRadio-2004-09 -- Free software radio toolkit development for 12 months, starting Sept 2004
  • GnuRadio-2005-09 -- build a passive radar system.
  • HuluSupportforGnash -- support Hulu in Gnash
  • NYS-Railroads-GIS-layer -- Update the NYS Railroads GIS layer to include abandoned railroads
  • OmegaTPlus -- OmegaT+ provides a computer assisted translation applications that are used by organizations and translators.
  • Open-Media-Now -- develop tools enabling an open media infrastructure including the Gnash player, the Cygnal server, and Ming.
  • OpenBTS -- The OpenBTS Project is an effort to construct an open-source GSM basestation using the USRP and the Asterisk VoIP PBX.
  • SBCL-AMD64 -- port the Steel Bank Common Lisp compiler to the AMD64 architecture
  • Solaris.Server.ZFS.monitoring -- enable near-real-time graphical monitoring and management of remote Solaris ZFS deployments through HTTP
  • TIExplorerEmulator -- emulate the TI Explorer OS
  • VLEE -- allow Lispm software to be run on standard hardware.
  • WKTRaster -- Create a PostgreSQL extention to store RASTER data
  • Wine-XO -- Create a Wine activity bundle that works well with the XO laptop created by the One Laptop Per Child project.
  • XAMJ -- produce a compiled XML UI and text markup language tightly integrated with Java.
  • aedGUI -- Non-intrusive, cross plataform GUI library, that runs on top of SDL.
  • djbsssh -- create a djb-quality encrypted remote login
  • -- Allow to continue to develop projects free to the public on a month to month basis.
  • linux-on-xbox -- create solutions for running linux on a Xbox.
  • linux-on-xbox-2 -- create solutions for running linux on a Xbox
  • mj2-release -- undertake to stabilize and release majordomo2
  • piggymarketsqueak -- an easy-to-use alert system based on technical analysis for detecting trends in financial stocks quotations
  • stp -- software to support weighing scale pcb..'c' platform
  • the-last-vm -- create a web-resident, virtual "personal computer"
  • up2us -- allow Red Hat updates to be shared via BitTorrent